The undergraduate program provides students with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Environmental Engineering, as well as a broad background in related areas. Students enrolled in the Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program acquire the practical insight necessary to compete for career opportunities in government, industry, municipalities, environmental and consulting firms, public health services, and environmental research laboratories. Moreover, the Programs, with 30% of courses in English and with 100% fo courses in English provides the essential educational infrastructure required for continuing on for advanced degrees in a number of environmentally-related fields.

Undergraduate Education Courses Curriculum (30% English)
Undergraduate Education Courses Curriculum (100% English)
Undergraduate Course Syllabus Forms
Course Prerequisites Chart (Valid from 2017-2018 / Fall Semester to 2021-2022 / Fall Semester)
Course Prequisties Chart (Valid from 2021-2022 Fall Semester)

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