Compulsory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEV 101/E  Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Ethics
CEV 102/E  Earth Science
CEV 201/E  Environmental Chemistry I
CEV 201L/EL  Environmental Chemistry I Laboratory
CEV 202/E  Environmental Chemistry II
CEV 202L/EL  Environmental Chemistry II Laboratory
CEV 203/E  Environmental Microbiology
CEV 204/E  Computer Applications in Environmental Engineering
CEV 205/E  Environmental Ecology
CEV 242/E  Hydrology for Environmental Engineers
CEV 301/E  Chemical Processes
CEV 302/E  Biological Processes
CEV 303/E  Technical Drawing CAD
CEV 304/E  Unit Operations & Processes Laboratory
CEV 305/E  Water Quality Management
CEV 306/E  Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal
CEV 308/E  Air Pollution
CEV 329/E  Solid Waste Management
CEV 330/E  Water Treatment Plant Design
CEV 347/E  Unit Operations
CEV 401/E  Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
CEV 402/E  Soil and Groundwater Pollution and Control
CEV 427/E  Environmental Modeling Principles
CEV 429/E  Industrial Pollution Control
CEV 432/E  Environmental Economics
CEV 442/E  Environmental Law
CEV 456/E  Occupational Health and Safety
CEV 471/E  Ethics in Environmental Engineering
CEV 4901/E  Environmental Engineering Design Project - I
CEV 4902/E  Environmental Engineering Design Project - II

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEV 246/E  Marine and Lake Sciences
CEV 248/E
CEV 250/E  Public and Occupational Health
CEV 314/E  Treatment Plants Hydraulics
CEV 315/E  Urban Planning
CEV 317/E  Urban Drainage
CEV 318/E Computer Application of Infrastructure Planning
CEV 324/E
Soil Mechanics
CEV 419/E Structural Engineering
CEV 424/E  Wastewater Management in Small Communities
CEV 428/E  Environmental Planning of Catchments
CEV 433/E  Hazardous Waste Management
CEV 438/E  Environmental Impact Assessment
CEV 439/E  Landfill Design and Operation
CEV 443/E
Design of Air Pollution Control Systems
CEV 444/E  Industrial Wastewater Management
CEV 445/E  Design and Operation of Anaerobic Treatment System
CEV 447/E  Land Treatment Systems
CEV 449/E  Control and Automation in Environmental Facilities
CEV 452/E  Noise and Its Control
CEV 453/E  Management and Disposal of Treatment Sludges
CEV 454/E  Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
CEV 458/E Design of Marine Disposal Systems
CEV 466/E
Urban Air Quality Management
CEV 468/E  Individual Studies